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Rainforests stabilize our environment by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen necessary for our survival – that’s why Rainforest Foundation US relentlessly works to protect our rainforests, and you can help them win the fight.
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Rainforest Foundation US was formed over 30 years ago when Chief Raoni of Brazil’s indigenous Kayapo people asked environmentalists (and music legend) Sting and his wife Trudie Styler to support the Kayapo to protect their traditional lands and culture. Here’s how the Rainforest Foundation US helps:

Territorial Monitoring – provides training, tools and financial support to map, monitor, and secure territories using cost-effective technology like smartphones and drones

Land Management – advises communities so they can build land management plans that protect rainforests while setting the stage for sustainable livelihoods

Policy & Advocacy – advocates for national and international policy change responsive to the environment and the indigenous people’s rights

Institutional Strengthening – invests directly in indigenous people’s organizations and partners with them to provide strength in numbers

Land Titling & Legal Intervention – obtains legal representation to secure land rights, settle disputes, and seek justice for human rights violations perpetrated against environmental defenders

Today, the Rainforest Foundation US is the biggest non-governmental organization working on rights-based forest protection worldwide.

All funds raised for Rainforest Foundation US go directly to support the work necessary to help the indigenous people who care for our rainforests continue that work in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner, putting a stop to the destruction of our life-sustaining rainforests.


For as little as $1 you can help save our environment by protecting the world’s rainforests.